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Deviations of the Week

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For this week, my first comics!

My Everstone Zipper by XDTheServine
I DONT CARE!!! by XDTheServine
Boo Everyday by XDTheServine


Fri Jul 17, 2015, 9:47 AM
Woah... thats a big dick
Mon Jul 6, 2015, 7:30 PM
Mon Aug 4, 2014, 8:04 AM
I'm gonna noot noot here
Sun Aug 3, 2014, 6:49 PM
asawagi's dick is only as big as my finger? SAAADDD
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 7:01 PM
That's how long Asawagi's dick is
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 6:49 PM
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 6:48 PM
noot noot
Tue Jul 8, 2014, 3:43 PM
Wed Jun 18, 2014, 8:16 AM
Wed Jun 18, 2014, 8:13 AM


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People I need to talk with more:
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To-Do List

Things i need to redraw:

-Jack (?)
-Fishey (?)
-Bull anthro




Dis gurl
She cray cray. she so cray cray...dat......we cant handle it
She's an amazing friend with an absolutely dirty-minded yet fun personality. For "normal" people,its like.....trying to keep a very excited puppy calm... :3
she's that crazy.
I remember the first time i met her (#StoryTime)-w- It was in elementary. Me and my friend Cynthia were walking around,and we saw her by the gate. I said Hi to her. She was walking along side a backstop. Around it were a bunch of rocks, she was stepping on those. Back then her hair was a long and luscious copper, I cant remember if she had put it up in a pony tail though :/. She looked up at me and said Hi back. When she did,she saw that i had a charmander shirt on. And to my surprise,she loved pokemon back then too! :dummy: and so,thats when it started uwu. She's always been here for me when I needed her the most ywy
But hey,its not just me that likes her! My mom considers her family too since she's been with us for along time! She sometimes randomly comes to my house though |D
When i have enough money or tickets or anything to go somewhere fun,i bring her along with me and some other friends as well .w.
She's also a very good example of a Gemini ._. She's very talkative to lots of people, so whenever we go somewhere like a grocery store or something I let her talk since imma sad excuse for a Gemini and i cant talk to people all too well 8,D i sometimes hide behind her too when talking to people,sometimes ;w; She thinks she's terrible at drawing. With these many watchers and friends,i dont think so |D She's pretty good at it :3 She also sits on me ;-; a lot of people like to sit on me idk why ;-;
She's also more of a giver and not much of a begger :/
She also makes me laugh when i need it :,D
In conclusion, she's an awesome friend that deserves more watchers ywy

Fantasy to Nightmare

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CC: Outlaw Crescent (Disturbing Content Warning!) by XDTheServine
CC: Outlaw Crescent (Disturbing Content Warning!)
Bullet; RedHistoryBullet; Red
 Crescent grew up as any other normal pokemon does; cute, loving, and wide-eyed. But once he turned 12 and puberty started to kick in, his parents started telling him about sex, and girls, but everything was still a hazy secret. So he did some exploring, and one day he found this magazine, a porn book. He knew he wasn't supposed to have it, but that just made him want to see it more. He flipped through, and saw all these lovely ladies tied up with men having sex with them. Crescent felt a rush come over him, a joy, a dark fulfillment that this was wrong, and it felt so good. So he found more, and so came horror movies, slasher films (his new favorite kind), and the bloody gore became something he couldn't take his eyes from. He loved to imagine blood running down his face, squeezing organs between his teeth, he loved it. But he kept it all a secret for many years, and slowly it overpowered him. Finally, when he left home, he felt like the world was all his. He didnt work to find a job or a mate, he simply planned his plots to rape and murder any woman he could get his paws on. He became the most wanted criminal in all the country, and occasionally is captured and thrown into prison. But at some time soon he escapes and continues his evils. And he's been doing it ever since. 

Bullet; RedPresentBullet; Red
Currently keeping up with his daily doings, only now pondering the idea of a mate on the side, (only because he RRREEAAALLLYY wants a daughter/ three daughters and a son) but otherwise continues to be thrown in prison, only to escape later. He's very happy just the way he is.
He now believes his actions are so normal he doesn't even think their bad; all regret and humility has fled him, only pleasure and fulfillment are on his mind.

Bullet; RedPersonalityBullet; Red
When he is not planning to kill, he is energetic, extremely happy, polite, chatty, and almost seems to take on a british accent. When he is bound for sin, he is rabid, ravenous, strong, and horrifying in his uncontrolled destruction.

Bullet; RedRelationshipsBullet; Red
Keeping his eye out for a woman that strikes him as....different. 

Bullet; RedLikes&DislikesBullet; Red
LOVES BABIES. Mostly girls, but likes little guys too. (not to rape)
Loves to rape and kill (only rapes women). Also likes necrophilia, sometimes.
Doesn't really dislike anything other than a super rude person, and if you threaten someone he cares about...yeah your dead.

Bullet; RedGender IdentificationBullet; Red

Bullet; RedSexual OrientationBullet; Red

Bullet; RedMovesetBullet; Red
Psycho Cut
Play Rough

Bullet; RedOtherBullet; Red
He seems like the friendliest guy when you meet him, but that isn't ketchup covering his fur.

Sketch Dump 33 by XDTheServine
Sketch Dump 33
I actually feel like I'm afraid of feet, i hate them and they gross me out, but the way some artists draw them actually makes them look appealing, so i used that technique i saw and OMG their so cute! So i drew a little sexy thing and damn it turned out good XD

Blind Contour by XDTheServine
Blind Contour
These are some hands drawn i blind contour we did today in class! (That one in the bottom right corner i did at home :3)

i LOOOOVVEEEE Blind Contour!!! The way the drawing comes out is SO COOL!!! I wanna do this all the time now!!
Sketch Dump 32 by XDTheServine
Sketch Dump 32
Eh, i started practicing with Abyssia, and actually found something cool, then i just started practicing with the body, and that turned out cool too. so yeah :3



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HEY THERE! My name is Nat, but if you'de like, call me XD, Servine, or whatever you feel suits me! I love to draw, because I was inspired by my best friend Vanessa (:iconrainbowbeatlebeatz:), and so many great artists here on dA! The biggest inspiration I can think of is the amazing TysonTan! His professional level, beautiful design and individual characters are what made me open my eyes and shoot for the stars of art! I am a loud, energetic, crazy, mischievous girl, who is also loving, sweet, deep, and outright passionate! I love pokemon, anime, movies, games, art, and anything with a lot of love and some hot guys~ X3. I have been on dA here for 3 YEARS!!! And ive come so far, and made so many amazing friends!! I even met someone very special to me here~. The reason I draw and keep this account alive is because I want to inspire people. I want to keep the chain rolling here and inspire someone young just like me to pursue a passion and follow it to the edge! Also, because I love to draw!! I love my characters, and I hope you do too!! As I like to say, 'The only things your really good at, are the things you love to do.'
The world changes my friends. CHANGE WITH IT! -XDTheServine

Oh, and those amazing friends I was telling you about? Go say hello and give them some support, just like they do for me! Heres some, just to name a few:
Thank you so much for visiting my page! I hope to inspire you~!!X3

Okay.....who can tell I'm a Lesbian? (to a degree) 

2 deviants said I can! :3
2 deviants said YOUR A LESBIAN?! D:
1 deviant said No your not silly, your straight!! X)


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